Mr. Jahanzeb Khan (Youth Minister for Information & Broadcasting)

  Jahanzeb Khan is a Youth activist, an independent political analyst, a freelance blogger and writer who writes especially on Pakistani politics and foreign relations. Jahanzeb Khan is an Inspirational & Motivational Key-Note Speaker, and appeared in various TV & Radio talk shows.

Dr. Anam J. Cheema (Youth Minister Health)

Dr Anam J. Cheema is a Social Activist, a Dentist and a Public Health professional. She is one of the pioneering members of National Youth Assembly and has been part of the organization since its inception. After graduating with an MSc in Health Policy from London she aspires to ameliorate the healthcare system of Pakistan. Currently she is working as a Health Minister at the National Youth Assembly.

Mr. Yasir Dil (Youth Minister for Social Welfare)

 Mr.Yasir Dil is leading as a co-leader for the KPK Educational enrolment campaign in more than five districts on behalf of the National Youth Assembly. Apart from that, he is working in Social Media cell and serving as a Youth Minister of Social welfare under the National youth Assembly. His Ministry draws many programs, campaigns and projects such as to reduce the poverty matter, get business-started for the development, provide education for the betterment of children’s condition, and tackle the general disputes happened in society.