National Youth Assembly (NYA) is first leading youth institution of the country which has obtained a proper License under section-42 of ordinance 1984, from related commission of the Government of Pakistan. Thirty Leading Universities and 59 Governmental District Administrations formally recognised the NYA, and providing us Govt halls and security for our sessions. The NYA is the largest youth forum to hold youth parliamentary sessions where thousands of young Pakistanis are taking part in different youth parliamentary sessions of the NYA to become future leaders, bureaucrats, social workers, philosophers and responsible citizens. The NYA is working since last 5 years with formal organizational structure through an engineered mechanism of hierarchy, devised from top to gross root level. Young personalities such as, international squash player Amir Atlas Khan, world record holders in academia, Haroon Tariq, Ibrahim Shahid Rooma Syadain, Malala Yousafzai and many other National/International achievers are part of the NYA. With the presence of a strong youth network at federal, provincial, divisional, district, university and tehsil level, more than forty thousand youth have become part of NYA as members, youth councillors and volunteers and the journey of discovering nameless heroes still continues.  Members of the NYA can gain many benefits of Membership such as representation of the National Youth Assembly in social media and other social activities like school/college ceremonies, community events, rallies for public welfare, free participation in different sessions of the National Youth Assembly etc. NYA’s national activities of youth councillors were admitted to the recent local government ordinance and issuance of discounted student transport cards, introduction of student welfare prize bonds, induction of national youth program and on our various other demands the government of Pakistan took solemn steps which practically enhanced confidence of its members associated with National Youth Assembly.