About National Youth Assembly

Youth make up a significant majority of Islamic Republic of Pakistan's population; however, their influential participation in democratic, administrative, political and social framework still seems a dream. In the past young people yearning for a successful life had books to study but to understand the affairs of the State an educational ambiance was never available.  In August 2010,  to enlighten the development of nonviolent thoughts and awakening of attainment of objectives in the emotional lives of youth, an entity in an institutional form called National Youth Assembly was formed whose coming into existence was attributed to the below stanza:

“When will the season of oppression end? - Our ways when we shall mend”

With utterly limited resources when the National Youth Assembly appeared on the horizon, it had to tackle manpower shortage and financial constraints in the beginning; nonetheless with weapon of relentless hard work and creative ideas, in a very short span of time, NYA established itself as an authentic youth parliament, a think tank and an organized national interest movement. National Youth Movement is the first institution of youth to obtain a license from the concerned department of government of Pakistan and is the one which the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for the first time in history established as Student Parliament Society in all the accredited universities.

Around forty district governments working under the government of Pakistan issued notifications which cited the historic decision of ensuring provision of government halls and security for NYA sessions. 

With the presence of a strong youth network at federal, provincial, divisional, district, university and tehsil level, more than thirty thousand youth have become part of NYA and the journey of discovering nameless heroes still continues. National Youth Assembly which opened its eyes on Pakistani soil was recognized for its popularity when the president of NYA Mr. Hanan Ali Abbasi was presented with “Common Wealth Youth Award” by Common Wealth International Secretariat, which represents the youth of fifty four countries of the Common Wealth. 

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