About National Youth Assembly

The National Youth Assembly is legally formed national entity under license number 690 of the Ordinance 1984 under section 42, issued by concerned commission of Govt. of Pakistan. NYA is the first Pakistani youth network which has been notified as direct working partner by more than 30 District Governments and many Public Sector Universities of the country. Our focus is to uplift Youth’s capabilities by engaging them through special mock parliamentary sessions, democratic, motivational and philanthropic activities at national, provincial and regional level. Distinctively, NYA is being managed by renowned young personalities of international recognition such as Aamir Atlas Khan, Haroon Tariq, Ibrahim Shahid, Rooma Syadain, Hariz Manzoor and Malala Yousufzai (Ex Team Member) and others with proper organizational hierarchy devised from top to grass root level. With the presence of a strong youth network at federal, provincial, divisional, district, university and tehsil level, more than thirty thousand youth have become part of NYA and the journey of discovering nameless heroes still continues. National Youth Assembly which opened its eyes on Pakistani soil was recognized for its popularity when the president of NYA Mr. Hanan Ali Abbasi was presented with “Common Wealth Youth Award” by Common Wealth International Secretariat, which represents the youth of fifty four countries of the Common Wealth. Through Youth Parliament sessions, seminars, workshops, observational tours, conferences, debates, preparation of policies using research and other activities, members of Youth Assembly are paving their road to success. Youth Assembly is the largest organization to hold youth parliament sessions where thousands of young Pakistanis by partaking in different sessions are gaining self-confidence to prepare themselves as one of the future leaders, bureaucrats, social workers, philosophers and responsible citizens. To rouse passion for welfare in new generation, NYA for the last three years has been sponsoring the “Hope Campaign” under which 150,000 under privileged persons from twenty districts were hosted for lunch and likewise holding a plantation drive on national level forms part of the long list of NYA’s feats. Youth Assembly’s national activities of youth councilors were admitted to the recent local government ordinance and issuance of discounted student transport cards, introduction of student welfare prize bonds, induction of national youth program and on our various other demands the government of Pakistan took solemn steps which practically enhanced confidence of its members associated with Youth Assembly.

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