NATIONAL YOUTH ASSEMBLY (From idea to perfection)

Election Observer_President_NYAIt is the story of strong passions. Its characters are those countless young men who are scattered in all Pakistan. It started from such a boat which had to face a lot of challenges like limited financial resources, formation of unique sketch and a small team. After five years, today this boat has achieved success and consolidation with more than one hundred sub organizational branches. In the beginning everyone laughed at the characters of this story. It is the tale of those days hours and minutes when the young men, despite being the major part of the population, were far away from effective participation in democratic, organizational, administrative, political and social process. They had books to study but no experimental atmosphere to observe the political affairs. It is the story of national youth assembly which has established the dependent, innovative and flexible sketch of national nature except established youth organizations and institutions. Through its unique ideas, many ways and angles have changed of decision making among the youth. It is the story of the journey that started from the roads of Islamabad and now its advantages in different activities have reached to more than forty thousand people. As the tune of a beautiful song emitted from the musical instrument, is listened by everyone but nobody knows about practice behind it. In the same way our present success is the result of continuous hard work.

After giving 2000 precious days to national youth assembly, I am satisfied that the sapling which I planted, has become the first licensed, organized and motivated institution of the history of our country. Before it, the scope of such organizations or governments was limited to five star hotels of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi but under a new vision, we have proved by opening more than 90 active branches with self dependence at lower level.

I am really glad that a lot of conceptions of national youth assembly are also helpful for governments. Particularly, we put forth the conception of participation of the young generation before “Youth Councilors” government and election commission and now the elections have been held with the grace of Allah first time in history. The list of our other 25 exceptional achievements is included in this book let: we have made a spring of national youth assembly where several young men will come for conquest in the future. I hope, in future our bright brains not only will brighten this spring but also make such stream with their struggle.

As a child practices to write with pencil on a note book with dots on it, in the same way the members will learn through parliamentary and social affairs in national youth assembly. The young men in our caravan including educationists, researchers’ engineers, social workers doctors, students, economic experts, bankers, players and journalists will bring betterment in their work with their own way. Our members have to be determined to play their part for social welfare.

If we look back into brief background of national youth assembly, we shall come to know that the countless young people seem us to stick posters, raise slogans, burn vehicles, collect flags and quarrel with opponents but do not make planning for future in right direction. Today optimism among the youth is decreasing. The young men who are involved in protest cannot know that all of these activities can darken their future.

In the past, there was only one ministry for the youth at federal level whose annual budget was less than 50 ps per individual collectively. It is also bitter reality that the young men have been like salt that were used just like taste. In dictatorship, the doors were closed for students in politics. Similarly, the situation had not been so encouraging in democratic ages.

In the process of decision making, national youth assembly held organized youth parliamentary meeting in national assembly, provincial assembly, governor secretariats, university halls and district council halls and its amazing fruits have appeared before us. The opponents, who are afraid of the success of national youth assembly, will make new stories and its answer is clear in this verse.

We have to start new activities to get educational, academic thought provoking and observational destination. We shall try to run national youth assembly on the rules of constituted institutions. We shall play a role to prepare academic preparation policy, plan economic progress, eradicate corruption and terrorism, better the government create new educational opportunities, develop backward areas and minimize problems of national youth assembly.

I am not a fortune teller but keep in record the prediction that many new faces of leadership in different walks of life will come forward.

In our view the leadership cannot be limited to high officials only as president, prime minister, chief minister, senators, members of national & provincial assembly and advisors. It is needed everywhere. The man who guides a few or more people is their leader. It is necessary that the young people of NYA family should remain excited about their success. If the leadership is enriched with self dependence, right planning, truth, and team work, it cannot be prevented to lead in any walk of life. We should avoid from working individually in this organizational journey rather it is necessary to make a policy of collective welfare. The dependent leader does not believe in decorated stage and mike rather he should have an art to prune & trim stage with his unique ideas. It is necessary for members to work with devotion, team work & self confidence and not to utilize their power on terrorists’ activities.

We observe in our daily life that we are bored of some people conversation while we enjoy ourselves on some occasions as well. If we analyze the causes of failure of effective speech at proper time, it is known that some people remain behind in the field of writing & speaking. The people who cannot get opportunity to convey their ideas to others due shyness or lack of vocabulary remain behind. The formation of national youth assembly meets this flaw particularly so that the hidden capabilities may be improved.